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The Baijiu Distillers of Lidu. Travel photography with the Panasonic GH5.

While driving through Jiangxi, and on the outskirts of Nanchang, I noticed brick buildings resembling an old factory.

In almost all of my encounters with locals in rural China, I have found the people kind, hospitable, and more often than not, very interested in sparking up a conversation.

I saw there was no one at the gate so I simply walked in. The aroma that instantly hit my nose was unmistakable.

I entered a Baijiu distillery. Outside temperatures were nearing 40c (104F) and inside temperatures were significantly higher. The experience was almost overwhelming, for both me and my photography gear.

Thanks to the workers of the Lidu Baijiu Distillery for their gracious hospitality. These men and women are as tough as they get — and their Baijiu will definitley floor you.


To get the full vibe check out the video below.

Make sure to check out the YouTube Channel and more photos I took in other photowalks at my Street Photography Gallery.

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