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35mm Street Photography in Guangzhou. A Walk Down Haizhu Beilu with a Vintage Seagull Lens.

In preparation for this week’s street photography walk I decided to dust off some of my vintage photography gear that was sitting in storage. I grabbed an old favorite – the Seagull Haiou 24/F2.8 lens and mounted it on my brand new Panasonic GX9 (with the Zhonggyi Lens Turbo II as a converter).

I was planning to head over to People’s Park in Guangzhou but decided to take a detour and venture down Haizhu Beilu instead. It is a small alley with stores selling stamps and old banknotes and coins. Apparently, stamp collecting is still a thing in 2023. It’s been over 30 years since I last looked at mine…

Back at Haizhu Beilu I explored some of the dark alleyways and fired off a few shots. Took me a while to get used to using a manual focus lens again — but I am quite proud of the images captured. Will dust off some of the remaining vintage lenses for next week’s photowalk.

To get the full vibe check out the video below.

Make sure to check out the YouTube Channel and more photos I took in other photowalks at my Street Photography Gallery.

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